Gender pay gap @again@

Not content to leave meaningless statistics about the supposed gender pay gap to the SJWs, the Government itself has now got in on the act, by requiring all companies with more than 250 employees to report on the difference in mean and median pay of their male and female employees. As the deadline for the reports passed today the PM herself has weighed in against this “burning injustice”.

To listen to how this is reported by the BBC and politicians of all the big parties you would think it was incontrovertible that the ‘pay gap’ supposedly revealed in these statistics was real, significant and demanding of urgent attention.

But the public comments in the national press give a different picture. Theresa May’s offering in the Daily Telegraph was almost universally condemned, sometimes in the most vituperative terms. A selection:

There is no gender pay gap.

Do you want to know why you lost so much support in the last general election. You’re doing it….

Is there no populist, virtue signalling bandwagon that May will not cling to desperately? How can you end a gap caused largely by people’s life and work choices rather than their gender?

Oh for goodness sake haven’t you got more important things you should be concentrating on.. ?

And this is not just a right-of-centre opinion. Even in the Grauniad it is not much better, with the majority of commenters doubting that the figures revealed over the past couple of days mean anything at all. Again a selection:

For the nth time, it’s not a ‘pay gap’ – which suggests men and women get paid differently for the same job – it’s an ‘earnings gap’, which is a complex phenomenon that’s substantially based on men and women’s different – and voluntary – career choices. This whole debate is poisoned by bogus notions of injustice and identity politics.

You wouldn’t know it from the misleading headlines that women are paid X% less than men. That’s not what the figures say. The figures show there are more men in senior well paid roles and more women in low paid roles. Not good, but not the same s saying there is an equal pay issue, which is a different issue.

There seems to be so many reasons packed into the ‘gender pay gap’ statistical outcome, that it’s hard to know what private companies are supposed to do about it. Even Harriet Harman says this is nothing to do with illegality, yet the implication is that the private company is being blamed.

So, far from being a crime crying out to heaven for vengeance, the “gender pay gap” seems to be something that only politicians and media pundits believe in. The general public, whatever their political stripe, are not taken in. The concerns of the political/media elite are simply not shared – and indeed are mocked and vilified – by the rest of the population. And yet they carry on regardless. In a democracy this can’t go on forever.

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