Eddie Izzard: Please stop making a fool of yourself and stick to the day job.

Eddie, I have met you and I like you. So please don’t take this personally. But your performance on question time last night was an embarrassment. It was not just your constant (and rude) interruptions that had the audience telling you to shut up. The worst part was the facile level of argument that would disgrace a sixth-form debating society: Nigel Farage is a descendant of immigrants, and married one, and therefore must think everything to do with immigrants and migration is whoopey-do. Will he explain himself?

He really does not need to, because this is a contradiction in your world view, not in his. You seem to be suffering from identity determinism – the expectation that everyone’s beliefs and opinions must flow from their identity as a member of various (preferably oppressed) groups. Perhaps you think all poor people vote Labour, all women want female-only shortlists and all gays support same sex marriage? Well, it ain’t so, and nor should it be. Quite a lot of people hold their opinions for actual reasons, and the reasons for believing that immigration should be under the control of democratically elected Governments were explained at some length, if you had been listening. I don’t think we heard your reasons why EU migration should not be controlled.

Now, I didn’t think any less of Margaret Thatcher as a politician because she didn’t have a sense of humour. And I don’t think any less of you as a comedian because of your reflexive bien-pensant soft-left political idiocies (which seem to be an occupational hazard).

On the other hand, Thatcher never inflicted a stand-up routine upon us. Please stop making a fool of yourself and stick to the day job.

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